Monday, August 13, 2012

Sorry for the massive delay!

Hey guys, its been a while. My delay was mostly due to my lack of ambition to do much here. Plus I've had some writters block which didn't help.

Where to begin what I've been up to. Let's see.

To start things off, I have become a blogger for Pretty much I take candidates' press releases from all around Florida, as well as event dates and YouTube video links, and post them up.

As an experiment, Liberty Takeover has been very successful. We have got a lot of candidates endorsed, and raised a whole ton of awareness for them. I think for 2013 and beyond we can roll it out past Florida.

Beyond that, I've been focusing on school and attending C4L and LP meetings. I do have an 'advertising sales' job, but it's not working out as smoothly as I wished.

I was also offered a position on an entertainment website blog, but why the hell would I take that when this blog is 100% more important to me.

Now that my journalistic drive is back, here is my plans for this blog.

1. Editorials. I love writing opinion pieces, so I will.

2. Get some form of news stories up.

3. Maybe continue the podcast, I hate doing them.

4. I will do audio and written, maybe even video, interviews with people. I have no camcorder so I will be using my DROIDX2. Frankly the camera is probably higher quality then what I can afford anyway so it will do.

5. Might have a brainstorm on a documentary. Based off gasland's shitty footage, my x2 will work. I will need funds for this, might need to start a kickstarter or indiegogo.

6. Floridian activist bios? Maybe. Why the fuck not. Or else some type of photography of state stupidity around here.

Well,  here is my plan and first update in a while. Ill be typing draft up for a new editorial in a few hours.

With Liberty,
Matt Schnackenberg

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