Friday, August 2, 2013

How Not To Support Liberty

Supporting, and fighting, for liberty is a very easy concept. All one needs to do is understand that basic fundamental points that true liberty provides for, and speak out in favor of them. These fundamentals have been stated and discussed by thousands of individuals throughout the lifespan of this nation, and within many before it. These fundamentals include the right to life, freedom, and property, but also respect for the individual. One cannot say they truly believe in liberty if they refuse to look at each individual person as an individual, and not based solely on their race, religion, or appearance.

Life, freedom, and property are the extreme basics that everyone strives for. Everyone wants to be free. Few people ever want to be the slaves owned by another person. Everyone wants their right to live their lives to the fullest, and never be stopped doing what they feel is their right. Property is the basic right of ownership. A person has a right to own the fruits of their labor, and what they purchased with the earnings from their labors. No one has a right to take them away.

The one thing many people overlook in supporting liberty is the individual. Even if you personally do not like those of certain races, or religions, you have no right to try to eliminate the rights of the individual people within those races and religions. You have the right to speak out against them, but advocating a collectivist block of rights for individuals based on your beliefs is wrong. If you are a true advocate of liberty, you need to be able to bite the bullet, and fight for the rights of everyone. If you do not, or are unwilling to fight for the individual rights and liberties of everyone, you are not truly fighting for liberty, you are advocating you should be the ruling class and anyone you disagree with should be placed below you within society.

It does not matter if a person is white, black, purple, or green. It does not matter if the person is an atheist like myself. It does not matter if the person is Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian. When we advocate liberty, we expand liberty to everyone, every individual.

By Matthew Schnackenberg


Note by the writer: As chair of the Libertarian Party of Hernando County, if a Muslim, Hindu, whatever came to me sharing the ideals of liberty with the intention of wanting to run for office, I would support him. I would help his campaign, and I would expect everyone else who supports liberty to do the same. If not, you do not truly support liberty, and the Libertarian Party of Hernando, as well as myself, do not want anything to do with you.