Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC Day 3 - Titanic Act 3

Yesterday was a very interesting day at the final day at the RNC. The speeches were extremely statist. If the Republican Party actually thinks the liberty movement would be attracted to the cold reception and statism on show, they are insane.

Condoleezza Rice basically gave a giant war propaganda speech. She hailed how we are doing good around the world, and that we should be at war with even more nations to farther promote democracy. Because democracy and bombs go so well together. Guess she wants it all to blowback in our face with an incredible force.

Marco Rubio's speech was also interesting. He actually straight-up stated America chose more government versus more freedom. I don't think they chose, but rather were brainwashed into accepting it, but whatever helps him sleep at night.

After these two, and a number of other, clowns, it was was the ringleader Mitt Romney's turn to speak. His speech just cemented his idiocy on so many levels. He cheered empire abroad, and imagined unity at home. He attacked Obama on things that he himself supports. He believe not changing anything but the letter of behind the president's name will so how allow economic stability. Of course as one of the walls stated: US Debt 16~ trillion, We Built That. And it was built and grown by both parties.

Overall these three days have displayed why neither Romney or Obama should be president. Neither are qualified for the job. The corruption of the GOP, and Obama's failures during his first term, display this country is heading towards dark times before we accomplish re-achieving liberty in this country.

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