Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Do We Change the System?

As a believer in anarcho-libertarianism, my views are more about society after achieving a libertarian society instead of stopping at a constitutional government. Due to this, I am always asked why would I want to think about that, or told I probably won’t be alive when the time comes so why discuss such an issue. In a way, I am in a minority within the growing minority that is the libertarian ideology.

Obviously, my ideology, and the entire base libertarian ideology, is shunned completely by the media and statist paradigm. I laughingly did a search for anarcho-libertarianism, and ended up with some guy’s rant about “anarcho-libertarians taking over the republican party.” Well, here is the thing. The guy obviously does not realize that libertarians and those of similar ideologies have been moving to co-opt the party for a while now. Ron Paul was a libertarian and has publicly come out as a voluntarist. He has made it his goal to push liberty within the party. The fact the site supports Romney displays his lack of understanding of freedom and individual liberty, let alone classical liberalism. Still it is good to ask two fundamental questions: Why would libertarians or anyone want to co-opt any political party? And does the efforts taken offer any intrinsic benefits, with or without success?

To change the system of government, we must first gain a much louder voice. A voice that simply "being that other party" tends to lack. Generally, we do not even have to switch parties to assist gaining that voice. There is a growing number of youthful individuals that have read Dr. Paul's works, and realized the current political hierarchy has screwed them over. They are the ones hearing the need for candidates that care about the next generation, and are running. Running to spread the message of liberty; and to remove the status quo from office. Win or lose, there are massive benefits that comes with their candidacy. They are educating those who have not been taught what liberty truly means, and the evil government has become.

Education has always been key to any campaign and political movement; especially, the liberty movement, as true understanding of the US constitution, let alone, people’s natural rights have been black-bagged and co-opted by government education facilities. Campaigns always need to get the word out on who the candidate actually is, and what they stand for. Since government education has robbed students from understanding their basic freedoms, liberty candidates have to work twice as hard as the usual “keep the ball rolling” candidates.

Liberty education is done through two processes, literature and voice. We need to offer liberty oriented content in all forms of written word possible. Recommending other content like internet radio, podcasts, and audiobooks are other great resources. This sounds easy, but spreading the message takes time and patience. Having a passion behind your efforts also helps.

A good way to spread both vocal and literary liberty content is through the use of social networking. I personally have turned my Facebook into a news blog of sorts due to my constant sharing of political news. Sharing news is a good way to educate people on the tyrannies of government and show why it isn’t needed. You can also share resources that promote self-education, self-reliance, and other media promoting liberty. Remember to also recommend books and physical literature.

Creating pamphlets and educational cards are other forms of literature to use. You can use both forms of media as a way to either promote one specific message, or promote the reader to expand their knowledge on multiple topics through resource links and suggested reading. You can also use cards as invitations to speaking events, or liberty oriented meetings. If you trust the people around you, book sharing is another option, but not always recommended due to various issues that can come up.

Being vocal can be the most powerful form of education, as your voice can project the passion you onto the listener. Stand up, speak your mind, and be heard. Let the power of your voice bring people to your campaigns, and learn the understanding of liberty. Create audio recordings, and podcasts of speeches given and share them with the public through mediums like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Creating podcasts, videos, and other media that allows the public to see and hear what you have to say.

Now, not everyone is good at projecting your voices and standing in front of a crowd. There are ways to boost your ability to do it though. You can take a college class on Public Speaking, speak-up during any meetings involved with, or even use your family and friends as practice audiences.

Liberty candidates have to do everything stated above, as well as explain to citizens why and how their way of thinking will benefit them. This can be hard due to the media’s lies, as well as poor education in economics and various other subjects. They need to spread who they are every chance they can, and almost everywhere they do. Make to to go around and talking to business owners; smallers news outlets; offer online newsletters; business cards; candidate specific websites; etc., all help. Getting candidates known wins races.

We also need to focus on getting established radio shows and networks like LRN.FM (Liberty Radio Network); Free Talk Live; 1787 Radio Networks; The Liberty Underground Show; Freedom Feens; Bad Quaker; Porc Therapy; etc., played on more radios; cell phones; and computers around this county. These are great to get random people interested in liberty, as they might find the current discussion topic odd and continue listening instead of switching to another station. Sometimes these listeners will call into a show and question the hosts on what they are talking about, and why they think the way they do.

With an increasingly louder voice we can accomplish quite a bit. Our ground game will become more effective. We will force the media to give our candidates; activists; protests; grievances; and most importantly the message of liberty the attention it deserves. It will get more people listening to the message. Even if they disagree with the message now, the message will stick with them. Sometimes the random person will do like a new listeners to a liberty-oriented radio show, and ask questions.

Changing the system we have now definitely must happen. It will take time, but our time is coming. We will restore the republic. We will become the nation our founding fathers created again. The liberty movement is pushing ahead, and picking up steam the more supporters we have. Our voices is starting to be heard in all corners of not just this country, but around the world. There is a growing push for liberty that has never been seen in history before.

Both the Republican and Democrat Parties are scared, trying to run our candidates into the ground, even if they are running within their parties. Educating the voting public is making the establishment quake in their boots. Local elections are being won, not just by election, but through opening minds. Things are progressing in ways the establishment never expected.

At the end of the day, our actions and determination to educate the voting public is what will bring liberty back to this country. The passion of the people involved will inspire those who follow the established shepherds to research and discover themselves.

This is How We Change the System.
   by Matthew Schnackenberg


  1. I get a chuckle out of the saying, 'We are the 99% vs the 1%.' I got the same chuckle out of the last sentence here. "At the end of the day, our actions and determination to educate the voting public is what will bring liberty back to this country." I attempt to talk with people everyday about the things going on in government and even things they can see in the skies above their own heads [chem trails] and no matter how blue in the face I get from pointing things out to them, they turn away and have in that instant forgot what was said to them and off into the sunset they go following the blind leaders into a pit. Why the chuckle of 99% vs 1%? Because out of that 99% you have those too young and too old to do anything about changing the world around them. Let's say that is now 49% gone from the 99%. Take away those that will never believe their own government would do anything to harm them and you have to do away with another 40% leaving you now with 10%. Take away now 8% of that group who are the ones that won't help to make the changes needed let alone save their own souls from going to hell in a hand basket. So who now are that 2% that is left over? 1% is you and I doing our part to open the understanding of those around us. The other 1% are those that go out and do the dirty work of that 1% vs the 99%, and the horrible part of their doing that is that it is done for a paycheck, damn be the rest of the world as long as I get paid. And when all of this chaos comes to a head, even that paycheck 1% will be finding themselves crawling around in a pit that they are not ever going to be able to get out of. - Does this sound like I have given up? Yes. But that is not true. I keep telling people even if they forget what I said to them even after showing them the facts on what I am talking about. With a world full of things to talk about, these are what I am most passionate about, so that is what I talk about daily.

  2. To borrow from sun tzu: you can not fix a problem if you do not understand it. Humans are not autionomous individuals. They are, with a relatively few, say 5%, first and foremost members of groups / tribes / platoons / communities etc. If what benefits an individual does not also benefit the group, --- well that system will not work. Almost all humans, with the possible exception of writers of libertarian literature, are awre of this in their core.

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