Monday, August 27, 2012

Ron Paul's Rally - Short Impression

This event made me extremely proud to be in the liberty movement. There were so many great speakers and ideas being discussed it makes me smile just thinking about it.

The main focus was the Republican party and co-opting it with the liberty movement's agenda, sweat, and blood. As a libertarian, I walked away with a smile because no matter what, we will be pushing to inject base libertarian ideology into the Rep party. It also instilled that libertarians themselves will be a great help in the coming years.

The message was perfectly clear, as well. This was Dr. Paul last rodeo and it's time for the torchbearers to become leaders. Everyone from all parties that believe in liberty need to take a stand and fight. We need to win this ideological war for future generations.

While I already do a number if things for Florida's liberty movement, plan on running for Congress in '14, and have various other things on my plate from college to finding employment, I want to push myself harder and find other ways to enhance liberty here.

Thank you Dr. Paul for inspiring me, again.

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