Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ron Paul wants to make his presence known at RNC

Congressman Ron Paul has used much of the $2.5 million that his campaign had at the end of July towards his rally that will be held next week, Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said.  The event will be held a day before the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

The Paul-led event is called “Rally for the Liberty Delegates” and it will run simultaneously with a pro-Ron Paul rally in Tampa called “Paul Festival,” which is being organized by Paul supporters.

As Rep. Paul explains, “Our theme for this event will be, ‘We Are the Future – A Rally for the Liberty Delegates’. I’m sure it will not only be a great time, but it will also go a long way to proving you and I are the future of the Republican Party.”

Dr. Paul, an eleven-term congressman from Texas, has continued his campaign for the presidency despite strong signs that the GOP will make Mitt Romney their candidate in this election.

“Our team has been very busy working to plan our ‘Rally for the Liberty Delegates’ event in Tampa and setting up our convention plans, including the fight to seat as many of our delegates as possible,” Mr. Benton said in an email.

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The more noticeable Dr. Paul is the better. He can drive a stack through the hearts of the establishment by having a bigger presences than the RNC, again.

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