Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC Day 1 - Titanic Act 1

The smoke has cleared on the first full day of the Republican National Convention. So what have we learned? What actually happened? And why did I name this post Titanic Act 1? All these are easily answered.

What happened today was frankly appalling. The amount of fraud and corruption was spewing from neo-con's ears on stage was sickening. All rule changes, done by a "voice vote" were railroaded through even though the nays against the changes were definitely louder than the ayes. Romney and establishment delegates were told to chant U-S-A every time anyone tried to question or showed "dissent" against what was happening. Many Ron Paul delegates were illegally detained on buses throughout the votes. Even delegates from Florida who were pro-Romney were forgotten at their hotels as an act of revenge against Florida for changing its primary date.

So what exactly did we learn from all this? Never trust the GOP. The Republican Party is as corrupt and should never be placed any higher than the Democrat Party. They lie, cheat, and steal votes, silence dissenters, and frankly do not care what the average person thinks about their actions.

After today's events, it is obvious the Republican party is reenacting Titanic. They held their big convention, the "pretty boy" was found out to be a street rat, and the boat collided with the giant iceberg. The party is now sinking into oblivion due to their treachery against its own loyal members, forget about the flogging those who support Ron Paul got. It seems the GOP saw the Democrat Party's house of cards starting to fall over and wanted to win the race to the bottom first.

Today we learned a very important lesson. Political parties like the GOP are scum. They enjoy destroying dissent even if it ends up destroying themselves in the process. There are two more days and two more acts till the end of the GOP's Titanic. Let us see who is left holding onto those planks in the end.


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