Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC Day 2 - Titanic Act 2

To the life boats!

That is what basically happened today at the Republican National Convention. With staged walk-outs, a very pathetic tribute to Dr. Ron Paul, and Rand Paul's speech, you would think the Republican Party doesn't have a clue yet their ship hit an iceberg. Guess that is the benefit of being in "first class."

Today was in general a very boring day at the RNC. There were a number of protests and attempts to re-amend party rules, which ended in failure, but nothing worth going into detail about.

The majority of Goldwater conservatives and Ron Paul libertarian-conservative have pretty much been shunned. The party is digging its centralist roots deeper into the ground and saying no to those who stand against it. Therefore it is time for those who fought against tyranny will leave the oldest tyrannical party in the USA.

The boat is basically sunk for the Republican party. Those that want to be saved are fleeing to the lifeboats, and the rest will soon feel the cold existence that awaits them in those dark waters.

All I have to say is congrats to all delegates who staged the walk-out this evening, and may you leave the republican party very, very soon.

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