Saturday, December 15, 2012

End Gun Free Zones

Note: This is an editorial for a local newspaper. They limit submissions to 250 words.

Another horrific tragedy has started the blaming the inanimate object game instead of the laws, or rules at certain establishments, that prevented anyone from stopping psychopaths doing these deeds. The laws I blame for these tragedies are the ones that create gun free zones. These types of laws make it so law-abiding citizens are disarmed; therefore, preventing them from defending themselves or others in situations which with a gun they could have prevented the deaths of my innocent individuals.

Let us take a look at the most recent school shooting. It claimed the lives of 20 children and 6 adults. Schools are, obviously, gun free zones due to laws and regulations that prevent teachers and faculty from carrying firearms for defense. While this recent shooting had an unexpected variable (the perpetrator being a student’s father) if teachers were allowed to carry firearms for the defense of themselves and their students, there would have been less innocent lives lost. This is true for all school shootings.

The infamous Colorado theater shooting, and all shootings in general, could have easily been prevented if firearms were allowed. Theater guests (overzealous law-abiding citizens) voluntarily disarmed themselves to follow the theater’s posted rule. This rule unfortunately prevented the ability for disarmed citizens to defend against the attack. If someone had a concealed weapon few would have been killed by the shooter.

These are just two examples of why Gun free Zones should be abolished. Blame these laws for the loss of innocent lives.

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