Saturday, November 10, 2012

Border Fences?

I spoke without writing a script this time. So here is the outline I used.

Border Fences?
I. Introduction

With the insane unemployment numbers (real unemployment numbers being 22.9% nationwide, with adjusted and mostly fictional numbers being reported at 7.9%) people have started to blame immigration and to a vast extent illegal immigration as the leading cause. This being said, the solution many have called for is a border fence between the USA and Mexico. A border fence that stretches the 2000+ miles between the stretch of land California to Texas, and Mexico. The bad part about a border fence is that this is not the middle ages. A border fence would be extremely costly, and generally inefficient.
II. Insane costs and time

a. It would cost billions.

b. Rick Perry stated cost to be 15 - 30 billion dollars, and 10 - 15 years to complete.

c. This does not include cost of security.

d. Repair costs have not been estimated or considered a factor.
III. Other variations that cost more

a. Michele Bachmann wants a double fence! The insanity. b. Debate of electrifying the entire thing.

c. There are other additions like unclimbable brick, increased height, and razor wire wrapped fences.
IV. - Ineffective

a. Explain why a border fence is completely useless in the fight against illegal immigration. According to Donna Keene (Reagan/Bush administrations) and Randie Rosen (Lawyer, MBA).

b. Intricate tunnels made by Drug Cartels can be used to smuggle immigrants as well as the use of vehicles.

c. Most illegal immigrants are those on expired work and student visas.

V. Conclusion

The idea of a border fence is ludicrous.The costs for every variation is to high. And in general it would be ineffective in preventing illegal immigration. In today’s modern age building a 2000+ mile fence is pointless,and won’t solve the problems of today.

Thank you.


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